SIDNEY  -- Charges were filed against a 25-year-old Sidney man in connection with injuries to a young child.

The name is not being released due to ongoing investigation. 

At about 8:30 a.m. March 28, local law enforcement officials were contacted by school staff regarding possible child abuse. Officers were shown pictures of a student, including that of "tiny pinpoint red dots around the eye," according to court documents.

The student was identified only with three capital letters.

The report says the student told school staff the dots came from when his step-dad "held his face down into his pillow to the point that he couldn't breathe."

School officials viewed the student when he reported his mouth hurt, and the staff member looked at his mouth and also observed the dots around his eyes.

Pictures were taken. The staff were encouraged to call the Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline. The student was then transported to Sidney Regional Medical Center for examination. 

Court records say the attending physician conducted the examination and diagnosed him with Petechiae, or Ecchymoses, Child Physical Abuse. Authorities interviewed the family members and doctors. After talking with doctors and Department of Health and Human Services representatives, officials took custody of two children from the home. 

A full body scan of the female child showed 18-19 fractures, according to court documents. 

The step-father was arrested on charges of Child Abuse (2 counts) a class 2 felony (intentionally  caused bodily injury), and strangulation.