NORFOLK - The winning streak for Humphrey-Lindsay Holy Family boys and losing streak for their girls both came to an end Thursday night, as they split their doubleheader with Lutheran High Northeast.

A furious 10-point Eagles rush over the last 90 seconds snapped a 39-39 tie and gave the LHNE boys a 49-43 win, while the HLHF girls' 17-3 run over the final 4 minutes downed the Eagles 72-54.

Lutheran High's Josh Rojas and Braden Feddern tied with a game-high 16 points, and Tate Collison had a near double-double (8 points, 10 rebounds). Easton Baumgart and Randal Gronenthal paced the Bulldogs with 12 points apiece.


The Lady Eagles overcame an 8-point 1st quarter deficit late in the first quarter to pull within 2 points, before HLHF pulled away in the 2nd period, leading by 16 at the half and winning by 18.


Halle Beller led the way for the Lady Bulldogs with 14 points, while Mollie Groteluschen and Claire Korth chipped in 13 and 12 respectively. Mia Wiederin paced LHNE with 23 points, followed by Kealy Ranslem with 12.

HLHF (2-4, 4-1) are at Lyons-Decatur on Saturday, while LHNE (4-1, 2-2) travel to Homer that same day.