The Homestead National Historical Park will be kicking off its annual Winter Festival of Prairie Cultures today.

Park Ranger Amber Kirkendall says starting today and running thru the end of December, visitors to the Park can learn about how Christmas is celebrated thru different cultures.

"People came from all over the world on the promise of the Homestead Act and they brought their unique traditions and cultures with them".

Kirkendall urges those who have seen the display in the past to visit the park again this holiday season as there are some new additions to the display.

"Every single day that the buildings are open the display will be open at the Education Center. It's going have different decorations whether that be wreaths or trees as well as texts and different displays that will explain the different cultures and traditions that came on the promise of the Homestead Act".

Visitors will have the chance to learn about the various traditions of numerous cultures around the world. Kirkendall says the display will be available to see thru the end of the year.

As part of the Winter Festival the Park will also feature special music programs on the weekends. A full schedule can be found at the park’s website.