GRAND ISLAND - A group of volunteer professionals is helping Nebraska's children and families by raising awareness at the Nebraska State Fair.

We Care for Kids is a newly-formed, grant-funded, initiative working to ensure that all Nebraska families have access to quality early childhood education for their children.

"Ninety-one percent of the counties across the state of Nebraska have a shortage of childcare for families to utilize. So you [can be] already struggling to find a place for your kid to go," Shonna Werth, Associate Vice President of Early Childhood for the Nebraska Children and Families Foundation explained. "It's just spreading that word of how important to get people to rally around, as a community, to support early childhood in general.

Those who go to the Nebraska State Fair can check out the We Care for Kids information both inside the main doors of the Nebraska Building. There's a mix of games and resources available to all families that stop by.

"We have candy, we have crayons, we have sanitizer, but most importantly, we have information that we can give to people that are interested in learning about why that birth to five, early childhood years, are so important in having those quality experiences. Early childhood care and education opportunities can be and should be provided [across the state].

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