OGALLALA - Discharging fireworks and firework sales have been banned in Keith County this year. 

The Keith County Commissioners approved a resolution Tuesday, under the recommendation of county fire officials, to prohibit firework use and sales, effective immediately.

Ogallala Fire Chief Dell Simmerman, Keystone-Lemoyne Fire Chief Ralph Moul, Paxton Fire Chief Kyle Gartrell, Brule Fire Board Member John VanVelson, Rural Fire Board Member Wes Holland and National Weather Service Meteorologist Shawn Jacobs submitted the recommendation to the commissioners.

They say the current drought conditions are severe, and fireworks "would create an unmanageable atmosphere for fires" in the county.

The City of Ogallala banned fireworks within city limits and cancelled their Fourth of July show earlier this month.

Fireworks are prohibited at Lake McConaughy and Lake Ogallala at all times. However, Keith County fire chiefs are modifying the county-wide burn ban to permit campfires this summer. Flames must remain under three feet in length.

Campers are asked to use extreme caution with campfires. Fires must be maintained and attended at all times. Keep flames away from vegetation, watch winds and be prepared to quickly extinguish any flames or embers that may get loose.

A campfire ban may go back into effect in conditions warrant it.