ELK CREEK - The organization NioCorp will have a little more time to get things underway in their search for rare earths and niobium.

The southeast Nebraska town of Elk Creek, about 10 miles from Tecumseh, has a 230 acre area of land in which niobium, scandium, titanium, and rare earths can be found. The Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy (“NDEE”) is now extending the current construction air permit to April 4, 2022. That means the organization has until that date to initiate construction at the site. 

This allows NioCorp more time to find sufficient project funding. The six-month extension granted by NDEE was based on the date of the company’s October 4, 2021, request for an extension. Scott Honan, NioCorp’s COO, is grateful for NDEE’s cooperation.

“We very much appreciate NDEE’s granting of this extension,” Honan said. “We look forward to the onset of construction-related activities at the site, in compliance with the permit, once we have sufficient financing to proceed.”

If things do pan out, it could mean good things for the area, such as more residents, jobs, and aid to local businesses.