FAIRBURY, NE — A Jefferson County jury says Jake Gonzalez intentionally inflicted the injuries that killed two-year-old Hollen Siedschlag.

The jury returned guilty verdicts for one count of child abuse resulting in death and one count of terroristic threats. They spent about two hours deliberating.

The charges centered around the events of February 26. Gonzalez, who is 19, was living with his girlfriend, Baily Siedschlag, and her two children in a Fairbury apartment. Security footage shows Baily leaving daycare with a healthy-looking Hollen just before 5:00 PM. The defense disputed the time but multiple witnesses testified to it.

Baily testified that she left Hollen with Gonzalez at their apartment while she went to Walmart with her daughter. Security footage puts her there around 5:15. The next verifiable action came at 6:18 when Baily placed a 12-second phone call with her mother to relay a code word to a friend. That friend then called the police.

Sheriff’s deputies arrived at the apartment shortly after and body cam footage shows Gonzalez fleeing from the scene. He was located and arrested about 30 minutes later. Deputies found Hollen laying face down in a closet with severe injuries. He was transported by ambulance to the local hospital and flown by medical helicopter to Omaha Children’s Hospital. He died in the early morning hours of the 27th. Autopsy results say he died of internal bleeding from his liver, the result of blunt force trauma to the abdomen.

The State said the timeline left Gonzalez as the only one alone with Hollen after daycare.

“This is something that you do alone," attorney William Tangeman said. "You’re the only adult in the room, you lose control, you get frustrated and angry and you go to town. You go nuts and there’s nobody there to stop you.”

That was one of ten reasons listed while the State argued for conviction.

“Baily is the one who called for help, he ran from sheriff’s deputies, the demeanor of Baily vs. the demeanor of Jake, the fact that Jake was sleep-deprived and exhausted when this happened, Jake’s history of attacking and being upset with Hollen,” Tangeman said.

The Defense argued that the jury should not rule out the possibility that Baily inflicted the injuries. Attorney Kelly Breen said you couldn’t prove that some of the liver injuries weren’t already present, especially after Hollen fell down the stairs a few days earlier.

“The State hasn’t even proven beyond a reasonable doubt that there wasn’t any injury to the liver in the fall," Breen said. "They can’t. They can’t get an expert to draw an opinion as to the date of any of the injuries they showed you.”

He pointed out multiple issues with Hollen’s health before and attributed those to Baily. He accused her of being deceptive in testimony and comments to authorities.

Breen declined to comment after the verdict was returned.

Sentencing is set for January 6 at 11:00 a.m. Gonzalez could be sentenced to life in prison.