HASTINGS, Neb. -- Central Community College students got some hands-on experience climbing up a 400-foot wind turbine Tuesday. 

Students involved in the energy technology program are taught about wind, solar and battery storage energy at the Hastings campus. For the wind portion of their learning, they are required to make the climb. 

Nine students took the journey up the tower Tuesday to test their skills. The wind turbine was installed on Central's Hastings campus in 2015 and runs power to the entirety of the campus. 

With the turbine, students are able to experience what they would when out in the field. 

“Without that kind of experience, especially this being hands-on sort of schooling, they wouldn’t be prepared,” said Loki McGregor, energy technology student at Central Community College, regarding those involved in the energy technology program. “They’d be out in the field and probably get hired and they’d be, ‘What, no one told me about this.’”

Instructors say that the students are planning to take a trip to Wisconsin to earn their national certificates in tower rescue and confined space.