GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- Police in Grand Island warn the public of criminals stealing wallets.

The Grand Island Police Department says that people need to be aware there are suspects targeting elderly shoppers and they would like the public's help to stop them.

Police say that the suspects work in a pair and are usually a male and a female. 

Authorities say one of the suspects will ask the elderly shopper a question like "Is this a good product?" or "did you drop this?" While the shopper is distracted, the other one will steal a wallet out of the purse that is sitting in the cart. 

The one who stole the wallet will immediately go to another store and charge as much as they can to the debit and credit cards. 

Police say that the suspects have not been identified and could possibly be traveling through the town.

GIPD says to be a cautious and aware while shopping. They advise shoppers to not get distracted, so they don't become a victim of this preventable crime.