BEATRICE- One of the most popular elements of the food industry is food tucks and Beatrice has one of their own and it’s called “The Drive Thru.” The Drive Thru is known for its American grilling food such as burgers, wings, and chicken. Melissa and her husband opened The Drive Thru in June, after complications with their prior food truck.

“There was a fire, so we had to start over,” Melissa Snyder, co-owner of The Drive Thru, said. “Last September, it burnt down, so we started over here in June.”

After an electrical fire burnt down the Snyder’s dream of having their own food truck, Melissa and her husband Jeremy didn’t give up, and now their new establishment sits on the east side of town. Snyder said the past couple months have been a bit of a feeling out process.

“We’re just trying to get a feel of things and where we need to be,” Snyder said. “Right now, we have two locations, the one here on the east side and the other one is over on N. 6th. which we’ll rotate back and forth with.”

The Drive Thru has some American classics on their menu and they emphasize keeping things local.

“We get all of our hamburger from a butcher here in town,” Snyder said. “We have regular sides, onion rings, fries, sweet potato fries.”

The Drive Thru is unique in the fact that it has an air conditioned and indoor dining option in addition to the walk up window and outdoor seating. Nathan Meyers is the manager for the east side location and is at the truck equate about every day. Made with their homemade “Lil’ Bill’s” sauce, he said their burgers are their most popular item.

“Our burgers go real well,” Meyers said. “I sell probably 50-100 everyday.”

Food trucks are popular in some of the nation’s biggest cities. Beatrice has a population of just over 12,000 and Snyder weighed in on what a food truck brings to a small town.

“I think it’s just something different for the community other than just your basic fast food,” Snyder said. “People like to get out and try different things.”

The Snyder’s goal going forward is simple.

“To grow and have more food trucks,” Snyder said.

The Drive Thru is located at 1210 Court St. on the east side of Beatrice and is open everyday except Monday and Tuesday.