The ink is barely dry on a new statewide tax plan, backed by among others the head of Union Pacific railroad, and criticism is already flowing.

The Blueprint Nebraska proposal would find more groups and individuals paying sales taxes while cutting income and corporate taxes.

State Senator Carol Blood, a possible Democratic candidate for governor next year, quickly labeled the plan as good for the rich and bad for the poor.

The proposal is also likely to run into opposition from conservatives, who are pushing to replace all taxes in the state, including property taxes, with a statewide sales tax, the so-called consumption tax.

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Blueprint Nebraska is defending its decision to keep property taxes in the mix.

Blueprint Nebraska says its plan will create over 65,000 jobs by 2031, while adding $2 billion in property tax relief over the next 10 years.

Organizers say they will be holding town halls across the state to further explain the plan which will also be presented to the governor and Legislature.