SCOTTSBLUFF, NE — Scottsbluff is celebrating the completion of two projects in town.

Tuesday, the city cut the ribbon on its new pedestrian bridge and renovated baseball complex.

Scottsbluff City Manager Dustin Rief says the bridge was just an idea 12 years ago. Mayor Jeanne McKerrigan says it is exciting to see it become reality.

"I'm just excited," McKerrigan said. "I got to walk across the bridge. I've been waiting for it to open. I drive on Highway 26 just about everyday so I'm excited to see both of these projects completed."

The bridge provides a link for town north and south of Highway 26, a four-lane highway. It also serves as a good crossing point for students at nearby Scottsbluff High School.

Close by, city officials and baseball fans alike admired renovations at Scottsbluff’s 23 club baseball complex. Improvements include new concrete seating areas, fencing, backstops and dugouts. McKerrigan says some minor landscaping remains, but kids are making the most of the recently-resurfaced fields.

"I think it's great," McKerrigan said. "Anything for our kids in the community, I'm in support of. You know, it brings in tourism dollars for our area." 

McKerrigan says she’s proud the community could mark the two accomplishments at the same time, showing progress the town has made

"You can see by the turnout tonight, that our community is excited about it," McKerrigan said. "I'm looking forward to being able to use the path and the complex.