In the panhandle, ag producers are getting a look at the latest crop research from the University of Nebraska.

The High Plains Ag Lab held its field day Tuesday evening. The event shows area producers, agronomists and ag companies what the university has found impacts yield potential and crop strength and what new varieties show potential in the area. On a tour, university officials showed results of their research conducted on wheat and pea varieties over the past year. 

It is also a way for the university to see what varieties of crops hold up better in western Nebraska climate, including in the drought conditions the area has faced recently. 

UNL Dryland Crop Specialist Cody Creech describes the event as a show and tell.

"Whether it's a new wheat variety they're willing to try or they're going to tweak their fertility management somehow to hopefully get more bang for their buck," Creech said. "One small change, the folks here represent a lot of acres, it can have a big impact across ag in this region."

The event also served as the High Plains Ag Lab's 50th anniversary celebration. Although 2021 is technically the 51st year for the lab, they couldn't mark the occasion last year due to the pandemic.

For those who couldn't make it, Creech says findings of their studies will be published throughout the remainder of the year once they have concluded.