BEATRICE, NE — The CEO of one of Nebraska’s largest news operations is spreading word of the company’s mission to deliver hyper-local news.

Flood Communications CEO Andy Ruback spoke at the the Beatrice Rotary Club on Thursday. He says creating local content for rural Nebraska is the driving force behind the company’s success.

“All we’re trying to do is engage and serve communities in new ways that communities have historically been underserved in,” Ruback said.

Flood Communications owns News Channel Nebraska TV and a series of local radio stations, including KWBE and Ol’ Red 99-5 in southeast Nebraska.

Ruback says developing trust with consumers can be tough in the current media landscape, so NCN encourages staff to be involved in their community.

“If we can have folks that are in communities, if we can have folks that are friends and neighbors helping decide what news goes out, I think it provides also a trustworthy place for people to feel comfortable with the type of news presentation that’s going out there,” Ruback said.

Ruback says NCN’s effort to tell local stories benefits the communities themselves.

“Because there’s a lot of good things that happen in a community like this," Ruback said. "But if you’re not telling your story, business may not come there, people may not decide to move there, people may not be excited about it.”

Ruback says he’s thankful for the Beatrice community, which has been one of the most supportive of NCN’s operations.

“Not every community responded as quickly as a community like Beatrice did," Ruback said. "We just hope that we continue to grab your attention, to serve you in ways that you deserve to be served.”