HARTINGTON, Neb. - A northeast Nebraska school was selected for the UnitedHealthcare Small Towns Matter Giveaway.

News Channel Nebraska and UHC announced this year's winner is Hartington-Newcastle Elementary School.

Over 600 elementary schools from across the state were nominated by teachers, parents, and community members.

"The kids are certainly excited for summer," Hartington-Newcastle Superintendent AJ Johnson said. "They're ready to get out of school but they also love their school, and they love being here and it's another reason for them to be proud of coming back here in the fall."

UHC will donate bicycle helmets for every student, and the school will receive a $2500 donation to use as they see fit.

"We hope to get back to normal, get the children active again, get them outside," said UHC Executive Director Matt Milam. "Let them enjoy activities because that's important to start at a young age."

There will be various speakers from the school and the community at the ceremony. 

The celebration is on May 18 at 9 a.m. on News Channel Nebraska.

Another giveaway will also be happening again this fall.