CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — State lawmakers in Wyoming helped remove ice and snow from the State Capitol following a historic winter storm that brought 31 inches (80 centimeters) of snow to Cheyenne last weekend.

Republican House Speaker Eric Barlow learned from a security official on Sunday that water was dripping onto the House floor from the chamber's skylight because of a vent that was blown open, allowing snow to get inside the building, the Wyoming Tribune Eagle reported.

Barlow called Republican Rep. Barry Crago to help him get rid of the ice and snow built up inside the ceiling vent. The two lawmakers from Gillette and Buffalo stay near the Capitol when the Legislature is in session.

“He came in, and we spent a solid eight hours removing snow and ice and blocking off the vent, which was allowing it to blow in on Sunday,” Barlow said Tuesday. “Capitol staff couldn’t get here, and we could, so we hopefully took care of what we could in a meaningful way and prevented further damage.”

Barlow and Crago, who was later joined in the cleanup effort by Republican Sen. Affie Ellis, of Cheyenne, eventually sealed up the vent with plywood.

Efforts continued on Monday when lawmakers learned there was some ice stuck in the ceiling of the Senate chamber. Barlow joined Republican Senate President Dan Dockstader in removing it.

Legislative staff said damage to the ceiling and the chamber floors was minimal. But the legislative session was slightly delayed because lawmakers did not convene Monday or Tuesday.

After a two-day snow break, the Legislature resumed meeting Wednesday as highways including Interstates 25 and 80 through Cheyenne reopened for the first time since Saturday.

Highways through northeastern Colorado, also hit hard by the blizzard, reopened on Tuesday.