Where once there was just a flat plot in Columbus, one banker in Omaha saw opportunity.

“You’re talking a multi-million dollar investment in the city of Columbus,” said Legacy Express Wash Co-founder Aaron Luneke, “Most people would say, ‘you’re out of your mind. That’s crazy.’ 

“And I would agree with that.”

But with Luneke's brand new Legacy Express Wash, he seeks to deliver something he feels is sorely lacking in the car wash business: speed.

And he delivers it with a friendly, well-oiled machine of teamwork and top-of-the-line machinery.

The establishment was built with a keen eye for detail, and he specifically designed the cleaning bay with an open air and light concept that would keep things inviting for patrons, even if they ideally only spend 2 minutes getting their cleaning finished.

Luneke says a big part of the team effort is holding everyone accountable, while also giving them the drive to learn, adapt, and succeed.

“You have to be able to do everything that you’re asking them to do at the level you’re asking them to do it,” Luneke said.

“You can’t lead from the back.”

While he says his passion remains with banking, his mentorship with a man who Luneke says is one of the best in the industry piqued his curiosity for cleaning cars and salient service.

“I encourage anyone to look at it because it’s kind of fun. It’s kind of neat,” Luneke said. “But the real thing that got me on this was the servant side of what it takes to run a business.”

For its grand opening on January 16th, the legacy express wash hit the scene delivering its highest premium services to everyone in town - absolutely free.

And yet Luneke says there’s still room to improve the efficiency of getting everyone in Columbus clean as quickly as possible.