It’s hard to ignore the wind turbines in northeast Nebraska these days, and now some of that energy has a buyer.

PepsiCo has signed two agreements with the renewable energy company Ørsted to buy a portion of energy from the 298-megawatt Haystack wind project in Wayne County in Nebraska, as well as another wind project in Texas.

"We're excited to partner with PepsiCo in their efforts to decarbonize their operations," said Vishal Kapadia, senior vice president and chief commercial officer for Ørsted Onshore. "These (agreements) are another demonstration of our ability to provide customized solutions across multiple geographies to support achievement of corporate sustainability ambitions."

Roberta Barbieri, PepsiCo’s vice president of global sustainability, said sourcing renewable energy is an important step in the company’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 40% by 2030 and achieve net-zero emissions by 2040.

"We're proud to partner with Ørsted on two new wind projects in Texas and Nebraska this year, which will address nearly a quarter of our total U.S. electricity needs and help grow new renewable energy generation capacity in the country,” Barbieri said.