SIDNEY - A Sidney man was arrested this week on charges of enticing a minor after a video online accused him of sending sexual messages to a group called "Predator Poachers" posing as an eight-year-old girl on Instagram.

In the video, a male member of "Predator Poachers" says they traveled 20 hours from Houston, Texas to the southern Nebraska panhandle to confront a man they called "Jamie Daniels." The "Predator Poachers" member runs through pages of sexually explicit message and photos that were sent during a two-week period, before going to the police station. 

The male suspect was a dishwasher at Dude's Steakhouse and Brandin' Iron Bar in Sidney. He told the video host he wanted to meet the girl at the bar during the day when it was closed. The "Predator Poachers" group originally wanted to confront him at his job, but instead went to his Cheyenne Villa apartment where he lived with his mother.

An employee at the restaurant tells News Channel Nebraska the suspect was immediately fired and they do not condone that kind of behavior.

Sidney Police Chief Joe Aikens confirmed they arrested the suspect, "Jamie", in the video and booked him into the Cheyenne County jail. Law enforcement are actively investigating the sexual misconduct allegation, the video and the group who posted it online.

"Jamie Daniels" has since been released from jail, pending further investigation. This is a developing story. Stay with News Channel Nebraska for the latest.

WARNING: The video below contains explicit and racist language. The video was recorded and posted by "Predator Poachers" on their Youtube Channel. News Channel Nebraska does not own the rights to the video.