News Channel Nebraska has learned that it will likely be at least four months before the deadly shooting of a Black man at the hands of Omaha police is investigated by a Douglas County grand jury.

That time frame can easily further delay the release of police body-camera video from the shooting—video that several community groups, groups that are upset with police, want released now.

Police Chief Todd Schamaderer on Monday told reporters that a traffic stop that turned into the deadly shooting of 35-year-old Kenneth Jones, following a struggle and Jones’ refusal to comply with two officers’ commands last Thursday night, was justified.

“The officers yelled ‘hands’ or some variation of ‘show me your hands’ 14 times,” says the chief adding that after Jones was shot, “A gun fell from Jones’ right hand.”

Schamaderer also said that while he wants to release the video, doing so would muddy-up the grand jury investigation, which is mandated by state law.

“Video is the most inflammatory piece,” says Schmaderer. “You would witness a man’s death. Arguably if you’re going to taint the jury pool it would be with that piece of evidence.”

On Tuesday, Chief Deputy Douglas County Attorney Brenda Beadle told News Channel Nebraska that COVID-19, which has all but shut down key parts of the state and local judicial system, has created a backlog of cases including grand jury investigations.

Beadle says she doesn’t expect the Jones case to go before a grand jury any earlier than March, and quite possibly later.

She notes that a police-involved shooting from last December 31 and some 10 other grand jury-bound cases have been delayed and are currently looking at grand jury investigations in March, as long as all goes well on the pandemic front.

At the same time Beadle says nothing in the law prohibits the body camera video from being released prior to the grand jury probe but she agrees with Schmaderer that it should not be released until the grand jury process is complete.