WOODLAND PARK - Woodland Park residents are instructed to boil their water until further notice.

10.30.20 UPDATE: Water pressure will stay low and the advisory remains in place until further notice. Schools stay open and will send bottled water to students rather than allow drinking from tap. 

Stanton County Emergency Manager Mike Frohberg said shortly before 6 p.m. on Thursday that all wells and water supplies to Woodland Park have been shut down while repairs are being made to a water main break on Northeastwood. Once water supplies are turned back on, residents can use the water for hygiene purposes, but they will need to boil the water before consuming it or giving it to pets.

In addition to the water issue, Stanton County authorities are asking that no traffic be driven on Northeastwood between Trailridge and Meadow Lane. There is a concern about the area under the street near the water main break. Traffic will be reduced to residents who live in the area only.

As of late Thursday, water was flowing again, but the boil water advisory was still in effect.