COLUMBUS -- The presidential election isn’t the only thing that’s up to a vote this November.

What’s at stake in the State Ballot includes who will represent the 1st Congressional District of Nebraska and whether gambling will be allowed at select, licensed racetracks.

Kate Bolz, the Democratic contender for the 1st Congressional District against incumbent Jeff Fortenberry, brought her campaign trail to a Columbus Suburb.

She spoke on the pandemic, countered against her opponent’s campaign ads, and also gave her thoughts on the three initiatives that could bring casinos to the racetrack.

While not advocating for or against those three initiatives, she did want to make one point clear:

"What I do think is important is, if we do move forward with that initiative, that those dollars be used for property tax relief," Bolz said.

A sentiment echoed by Janet Palmtag, candidate for Nebraska’s State Senate District 1 who voiced her active support for the initiatives.

Marijuana legalization very nearly made the ballot this year before being scrubbed by the state supreme court. 

No word on whether Bolz would support a hypothetical initiative to legalize cannabis, though she did voice empathy for those pursuing it for medical purposes.

"I have argued during this campaign that healthcare is on the ballot," Bolz said.

"I think that's really part of what is the concern of people who sign the medical marijuana ballot initiative, which is people are suffering, and they need the healthcare and drugs they can get to relieve their pain and suffering."

One of the last questions she received at her event was whether she was in support of the Green New Deal.

"I don't like the Green New Deal," Bolz said. "There are a number of issues that I differ from the overall Democratic party, and that's one of them." 

While she says climate change warrants a response, she does not feel that the Green New Deal is well thought out and that it is in need of some more pragmatic work.