LINCOLN - The biggest news out of a conference in Lincoln this morning came before the conference actually started.

University of Nebraska president Ted Carter was talking with another official, Bob Hinson, when the conversation was caught by an open microphone at the podium.

It seemed to point to a decision about Big Ten Football as soon as tonight..take a listen.

Carter is heard saying "We're getting ready to announce the Huskers and Big Ten Football tonight."

When later asked about the comments, Carter claimed he was trying to say there is a lot of work going on to move in the right direction and he hopes they'll have a resolution soon.

School leader: B1G football on hold until questions answered

By: The Associated Press

The University of Wisconsin chancellor says Big Ten football will remain on hold until there are answers to questions about COVID-19 testing and tracing, along with possible long-term heart issues related to the coronavirus.

Big Ten leaders are reconsidering a fall season after a weekend of meetings about a plan to begin play as soon as mid-October.

Wisconsin chancellor Rebecca Blank would not predict which way a vote to return to play would go. She says once Big Ten university leaders have their questions and concerns addressed, "we will try to plan a delayed season.”