LINCOLN, NE — A group of parents of Nebraska football players are threatening to take the Big Ten Conference to court.

11 families listed their names on a letter sent to the Big Ten conference by attorney Mike Flood of Norfolk.  (Disclaimer: Mike Flood is the owner of News Channel Nebraska) The letter says the families were devastated by the conference’s decision to postpone fall sports.

In the letter, the families request all documents related to votes regarding whether to cancel, postpone or delay fall sports. They want the results of the votes including how each member voted, all meeting minutes, all audio and video recordings of meetings, all rules governing decision making and all medical information considered by the decision makers.

The families give the Big Ten a deadline of noon on Monday to procure the documents. They threaten to file suit in U.S. District Court seeking the documents and immediate relief if the documents aren’t delivered.

The Big Ten announced on August 11 that it postponed fall sports. The postponement came just six days after the conference released an adjusted football schedule.  Commissioner Kevin Warren authored an open letter on Wednesday outlining the factors that led to the conference’s decision. Warren says the vote by the Big Ten Council of Presidents and Chancellors was “overwhelmingly in support of postponing fall sports.”