LINCOLN-The rumors continue to circulate that the Big Ten Conference will announce that the upcoming football season will be cancelled on Tuesday. 

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts stated in his press briefing this morning that he supports a football season this year. 

In a press briefing this afternoon Husker Head Football Coach Scott Frost reiterated the Governor's statement, and that he believes there should be a football season this year.  Frost said his team is ready to play and wants to play, and that the safest place for the student-athletes is within the football program.  

"If we cancel football tomorrow, we're throwing up a white flag and saying this can't be done.  Let's think about our players, and their health and well being for a minute. Do we keep them here, do we send them home, where do they go, what do they do, what do I do with them?  The virus is going to be here whether we play football or not, and our kids are going to have a opportunity to contract the virus if we play football or not.  I feel 100% certain that the safest place for our players in regards to Coronavirus is right here, where there is structure, where there's testing, where there's medical supervision, where they have motivation to make smart decisions.  The virus is here either way, and I would contend that our players are safer here doing what they love to do, and being monitored and screened constantly than they would be if we sent them home."


NU Athletic Communications

Husker Quarterback Adrian Martinez stated he is thankful he's here, and that he wants to play football.  He addressed the media saying that he feels that the country needs college football.

"I am thankful I'm here, I'm thankful I'm part of Nebraska, and this program, and this community, I can say for sure that we want to play.  I think America, I think our Country needs college football."