LINCOLN- One year ago he was cleaning bathrooms and today he is playing an important role in fighting the pandemic.

 Pete Ricketts: "Arturo has done a great job of making sure that what I say in English gets translated in Spanish."
Arturo Aceves is Governor Ricketts' translator, but this isn’t his first important role. He was as a doctor in Mexico. When moving to the United States he hit the job market.
Arturo Aceves: "I did a lot of interviews and I didn’t get any job. The only job that I could get was cleaning bathrooms, which is a decent job; it's a job at the end of the day."
His work as an interpreter for the governor earned him an important recognition.
Pete Ricketts: "For his great service to the state of Nebraska…Arturo, thank you very much!"
Aceves wants to be an inspiration for others experiencing the same things he went through.
Arturo Aceves: "Its really hard and i was there. I cried a lot of days. I was very frustrated but I kept on working every single day on my person and on my English."