JACKSON, NE — A Nevada man is passing through Nebraska as part of a walking journey across the United States.

62-year-old Rob Sharpe is walking the length of US Highway 20, which is the country’s longest highway. He left Boston on February 23rd and is passing through northeast Nebraska right now.

“I’m walking for two reasons, I turned 62 and it was something I wanted to do - an adventure," Sharpe said. "I’m also building awareness for a non-profit organization called Homes on Wheels Alliance.”

The non-profit provides alternative housing for people on the edge of homelessness.  Sharpe says he plans to finish his 3400-mile trek in Newport, Oregon in November.

Sharpe says his wife follows his route in a van they're using as a camper. They sleep in parking lots of Wal-Marts, truck stops and fire stations.