CALLAWAY - The public swimming pool in Callaway has opened for the summer, with limited capacity and health measures in place.

Brenner Beavers, the manager of the swimming pool, said they are being cautions and taken all protective measures they can to make sure they can remain open.


"Every patron that comes into the pool will have their temperature taken. Anybody about 100.4 has to rest out, we'll do a second check and if they're still above that, we send them home," Brenner said.

The pool will also cut capacity by 75% and implement swim breaks in an effort to have some form of social distancing. During swim breaks, patrons will be asked to remain six feet apart if they are not in the same family.

"We've limited our capacity quite a bit, in the water we try our best to keep them spread out," said Brenner.

Bathroom are being sanitized several times a day and the pool guidelines will adjust based on what the directive health measures are.