KIMBALL, NE - Kimball Mayor Keith Prunty says the city is going to discount all customer's utility bills in response to COVID-19.

Prunty said that all customers would receive a 5 percent discount on their utility bills for the city's next payment period. The discount applies to residents and businesses alike. 

The decision will be reevaluated at the Board Of Public Works meeting next month to see if any changes as to decreasing or increasing the discount should be made. 

"I think we're the only city in the whole state that's actually doing this," Prunty said. 

Prunty says its important that people keep paying their bill because the city uses the funds to keep services running. 

He says if anyone is having difficulty paying their bill due to financial hardship caused by the virus, they should call the city administrator. 

"We'll be more than happy to work with you," Prunty said.