LINCOLN, Neb. -  There won't be any new drivers in Nebraska in the foreseeable future - the Dept of Motor Vehicles won't conduct any more driver's license driving tests anywhere in the state until further notice.

     Director Rhonda Lahm says halting driving tests, which require testers and those being tested to be closer than the recommended 6-feet, is just one step being taken by her agency to help "flatten the curve" on the growth of the coronavirus-COVID-19.

     Other steps may include limiting the number of individuals allowed in the lobby of stand-alone offices, limiting the number of customers allowed inside the office, or asking customers to wait outside or in their vehicle.

    Lahm says she understands the measures may be inconvenient and could lead to longer wait times, but that reducing the spread of the virus is essential to keeping Nebraska residents safe.

    She also emphasizes that many DMV services such ad renewing vehicle registration, updating an address, and renewing or replacing a driver's license of state ID card can be done online.

     A full list of those services is available at