SCOTTSBLUFF, NE - NPPD celebrated the opening of its second Scottsbluff solar farm Monday.

The Scottsbluff II community solar farm provides 4.375 Megawatts of power. That makes it the third largest community solar farm in the state.

The farm can power 665 homes when operating at full capacity.

The farm is also part of NPPD's on-going renewable effort.

"We've had the goal of being 10 percent renewable for some time now," Vice President and General Manager of NPPD's Retail Division Tim Arlt said. "Now we're expanding that into the communities we serve. They can also be part renewable. Scottsbluff has taken and been a champion of the renewable effort."

NPPD officials say it has been operating since February 17th and shares of the farm are sold out.

NPPD partnered with the city of Scottsbluff, N-Solar and Sole systems to make the project a reality.