The search for a missing Furnas County man has been scaled back according to The Furnas County Sheriff's Office.

As of 6 p.m. Friday, The Furnas County Sheriffs' Office and Beaver City Fire and Rescue will suspend large scale search efforts for Larry Hardenbrook. Future search efforts will be organized and search parties will be reequipped and rested.

More than 1300 man hours were contributed to the search by local Furnas County law enforcement, fire departments, and EMS crews from Cambridge, Arapahoe, Holbrook, Wilsonville, Oxford, Edison, Beaver
City, and Red Willow Western.

Ground search teams covered more than 500 miles on foot in extreme
weather conditions. Volunteer mounted horse patrols were utilized to search remote areas and river

Authorities wish to acknowledge and thank the Nebraska State Patrol for assistance with K9 officers and helicopter air support. Search teams have been supported by the Beaver City community,

which provided several meals to keep search teams in the field. Members of the public have donated time and equipment to the search including the use of UTVs provided by Plains Equipment Group.

Furnas County Roads department employees and other Furnas County employees also joined in the search efforts.

Members of the public that own property in Beaver City or within a 15-mile radius of Beaver City are asked to search any property that has not previously been searched.

Authorities and family will continue to circulate a photograph and description of Mr. Hardenbrook. Any person with information should contact the Furnas County Sheriff at 308-268-2245.
UPDATE: 1-17-2020
The Furnas County Sheriff's Office said people have not given up hope that they will find Larry Hardenbrook. The 78-year-old man is the subject of an Endangered Missing Advisory.

After more than two days with no sign of him, the sheriff's office has expanded the search to include all areas located within a 15 mile radius of Beaver City.

They are asking that all property owners and tenants will search all area, including those that have been previously searched. Adding that it possible that Hardenbrook, due to his mental condition and medical status, may be actively avoiding contact.

Hardenbrook suffers from Alzheimer's. He was last seen around 9:45 p.m. Tuesday, when he left from his home on foot without a coat.

The sheriff's office said people from all Furnas County have been joining the effort to find the missing man.

It is a very rural area so there are a lot of places to be searched, including abandoned buildings, overgrown shrubbery. And for people who live in town, be sure to check your garages, cars or any outside buildings.

They said they've had people out on horseback, ATVs and troopers with Nebraska State Patrol. They brought out K9s and their helicopter and still nothing.

The search will continue Friday morning.

You can go to the command center, located on the 3rd floor of the courthouse. The community center will also be open for people who are searching to get warm.

If you have any information, please call 911, or contact the Furnas County Sheriff's Department at 308-268-2245 immediately.
An Endangered Missing Advisory has been issued for a 78-year-old man in central Nebraska.

The Furnas County Sheriff's Department is attempting to locate Larry Hardenbrook.

He was last seen at 9:45 p.m. Tuesday in the 600 block of 10th Street in Beaver City. Hardenbrook left on foot with no coat, he does wear a bracelet with his name on it. Hardenbrook suffers from Alzheimer's.

He is a white male, approximately 6'1" tall, approximately 190 pounds, with white hair and blue eyes, and wearing a dark colored sweater, jeans, and brown dress shoes.

If you have any information, please call 911, or contact the Furnas County Sheriff's Department at 308-268-2245 immediately.

As of early Thursday, the Furnas County Sheriff's Department said Hardenbrook still hasn't been located.