NORFOLK - Northeast Nebraska first responders got a chance to learn more about something they don’t normally see.

With help from the Nebraska Army National Guard, A UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter was sent to the Norfolk Regional Airport on Thursday to help local fire and rescue crews as well as emergency managers learn about the capabilities and the process of using air support.

Area Fire and Rescue crews spent several hours learning from the helicopter crew.

One crew members is also a former reserve Norfolk Firefighter.

Fire Chief Scott Cordes says having the helicopter and crew stop in Norfolk was helpful to learn from.

“The Black Hawk, this particular helicopter, was instrumental in saving lives during the flooding last year and we want to be able to understand what it’s going to take to call them, what the time-frame will be for them to respond and what their capabilities are once they get here.“ Cordes says.

Chief Warrant Officer Nathan Dooley, a former reserve Norfolk Firefighter and a member of the flight crew, says air support is useful in many situations, including natural disasters like the 2019 March flooding that hit a majority of the state.

“It gives them the ability to know what our abilities are. So if another flood happens and they can’t get to somebody. They know we are an asset that they can call“ Dooley says.

In addition to learning from the helicopter crew, communication protocols were also discussed in case of a real emergency.