PAPILLION - The Papillion Landing is open for business and hundreds have already passed through the doors once they opened Monday morning.


The multi-use facility signed up hundreds of members over the past two months. The mayor says it's just what his city needs.

"Where’s the center of community? That was the real big aspect of, as we grow, we've got to get that sense of community back," said Mayor David Black.

Weights, gyms, hardwood courts and an indoor water park. These are just some of what you'll find inside Papillion’s 96,000 square-foot recreation center. It’s how the mayor plans to bring people in, his growing city back together.

“You go back 15, 20 years ago when Papillion was a small town, most people knew each other. Well a lot of dynamics have changed, one we've gotten bigger, so people don't know each other, people shop online, the vast majority of people don't go to church, and the schools are locked down,” said Black.

On its first day, 1,300 are members of the 51 million dollar investment.

Kyle Longenecker said, “We had a great time. This is my third time coming up here and I’m just trying to get back in the swing of working out for the New Year.”

One part of the facility is free to the public, it includes a digital library and a multi-use ballroom that extends into another gym and even a stage. It's a place that's been in the making since 2012, a long wait for the director of recreation.

“We had an open house for our early membership signees and I just cried. I had this overwhelming sense that it's finally here," said Lori Hansen, Director of Recreation.

Mayor Black wants to make sure there’s something for everyone.

Memberships and passes are available at different rates.