COLUMBUS - It started around 11 a.m. Tuesday in the morning and by the evening it began piling up.

Snowfall is supposed to continue overnight into Wednesday, with forecasters predicting six inches or more for Columbus.

One person talked to News Channel Nebraska about what kind of road conditions residents may see.  Truck driver Kenneth Green said he drove into town from Hayden, Colorado and that the storm chased him the entire way.

He said conditions were so bad, he kept his speed between 20 and 30 miles per hour.

"You’re riding on ice," Green said.  "You’re riding on packed ice…and you’re okay unless you’re starting or stopping.”

The outdoor maintenance crew at Sapp Bros. said they started seeing ice build on the pavement as early as 4 p.m.  They said they started spreading salt as soon as the snow began falling and that they will continue to do so and scoop snow late into the night.

“It’s pretty much continuous for us outside," Benjamin Jones said.  "It never stops.”

City officials urged residents to stay indoors if they didn't have to go anywhere.

“If it hits us as predicted, people just stay off the roads, stay home and be safe," Public Works director Chuck Sliva said.  "If they really don’t need a reason to be out, I wouldn’t be out unless it’s an emergency.  Wear your seat belts and pay attention."

Sliva said crews were out around 7 a.m. treating overpasses, bridges and some roads with the salt/brine mix.  He said the plow trucks were standing by and would begin work when they saw two inches of snow on the ground.