FAIRBURY - With Fairbury's 150th birthday celebration on the horizon, the Fairbury Civic Foundation Board of Directors voted to disperse $1,000 from the Foundations’ general fund to be used toward beautification of the downtown area. 

P.E.O. Chapter IP, based in Fairbury, received the money, and worked with city officials to focus on two areas in need of sprucing up.

Conrad Park was cleared over overgrown vegetation and the east entrance to Fairbury City Park received some much-needed tender loving care. Shrubs were cleared, and many of the plants near the entrance were trimmed.

Julie Ondrak, the secretary of the Fairbury Civic Foundation Board, says it's exciting to see the city get some tender loving care before a big celebration next week.

“Anytime you have something going on downtown," she said, "if we can make things look better, it looks like people are interested in the community and keeping things going."

Fairbury will celebrate its 150th anniversary on Sept. 14 and 15 with numerous activities planned, including the Fairbury City Museum’s 8th annual car show on the downtown square.

The P.E.O. Sisterhood, which has two chapters in Fairbury, promotes education opportunities for women.  The $1000 from the project will be used to fund scholarships both locally and internationally.