MILFORD - Milford was the fourth stop in Nebraska for a man who is traveling the country with the goal of sharing stories of local law enforcement agencies from all 50 states.

Charlie Simmons and his wife Tricia started the non-profit, Badges Across America in April. After some detailed planning, the couple hopped in their RV and have been traveling the country ever since, with Nebraska being the third state they've hit.

"We decided that we were going to travel the country and take pictures of law enforcement, celebrating the law enforcement across the country, and telling stories along the way to help humanize the person behind the badge," Simmons explained.

While still in its infancy, Badges Across America is gaining momentum, which is how Simmons ended up in Milford on Friday afternoon.

"One of our first requests was from Crete Police Department...From there the word spread. We went up to Seward. While we were visiting Seward and taking picture with the Sheriff's Office and the Police Department, I was contacted by Milford Police Department and asked if we could stop down and take some photos of them."

The couple also stopped in Red Willow County earlier this summer.

In the coming days Simmons says they will leave Nebraska and head to Utah.

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