WILBER - Aubrey Trail, found guilty of the murder of Sydney Loofe, is asking for a new trial.

In Saline County District Court documents filed Wednesday, Trail and his attorney Benjamin Murray ask for a new trial claiming "irregularity in the proceedings of the court."

The document goes on to list several reasons why they say Trail would have been prevented a fair trial. 

These reasons, among others, include "the Court's decision to allow gruesome photographs which unfairly prejudiced the jury," "the Court's denial of the defendant's motion for mistrial after the defendant sliced his throat with a razor in front of the jury," and "The Court's denial of defendant pretrial motion to exclude evidence of Home Depot purchases."

After his guilty verdict on July 10th, Trail waived his right to an aggravating circumstances hearing.

The decision has gone to a three-judge panel for a death penalty hearing.