WILBER - The last time Aubrey Trail was in the Saline County Courthouse on June 24, he shouted out, "Bailey (Boswell) is innocent and I curse you all!"

After that, Trail took some kind of object and made slashes on the right side of his neck.

Trail was escorted out of court that day, and hadn't been seen at his trial since. On Tuesday however, as testimony continues to draw to a close, Trail was back.

"I'll be good," he said twice to deputies upon entering the room.

He was in a wheelchair as he was before, but this time, he was in handcuffs.

"You'll be removed from the courtroom if you are disruptive again," Saline County District Judge Vicky Johnson said.

"Yes, your honor," Trail replied.

Once proceedings resumed, FBI special agent Mike Maseth was granted permission to publish encoded letters as evidence.

Letters that Trail wrote to Boswell when they were both housed at the Saline County Jail in March 2018.

In several lengthy, handwritten messages, Trail essentially gives Boswell a story to tell authorities. He instructed Boswell to tell authorities that he killed Sydney Loofe on purpose.

"You now believe that I planned to kill someone all along," Trail wrote, "and I used you to help me. You will have to fill in blanks baby, but this story is good."

Those tools I bought at Home Depot? I bought them. You just went in with me. I told you I needed them to work on some antiques I had."

Records show that Trail purchased a hacksaw, replacement blades and tinsnips on the morning of Nov. 15 - just hours before Boswell picked up Loofe at her Lincoln residence.

Trail writes to Boswell, "Add this stuff...I asked you to go to Dollar General to buy trash bags and Bleach. I told you (the body) was put into plastic totes, and they were moved from the back seat to the trunk of my car."

Trail went onto say that he wanted to make Boswell "look like a victim" and needed "everyone to hate me and feel sorry for you. We need to make it look like I brainwashed you."

"I told them that you did not help me cut up or bag up (Loofe)," Trail wrote. "I told them you weren't even in the room (when she died)."

Trail claimed that two other women were present at the Wilber apartment on the night on Nov. 15, but never disclosed their names to anyone.

Trail also wrote in the letters that he instructed Boswell to get the other women in his cult to start talking about torture, rough sex and killing.

"I told you to text all that crazy s***," he wrote. "I told you I could use those texts against them if I had to. I told you all the time that no one would get seriously hurt, and you believed me."

He said Boswell's Tinder accounts were used to recruit young women to make a snuff film - a film in which someone is killed.

"Here is your story," Trail wrote to Boswell. "When we moved to Wilber, I talked about getting 3-4 women to make a fake snuff video. That's why you used to Tinder, because it had to be young women killing or getting killed."

"I would use money, jobs and gifts as bribery," Trail said in the letter. "I didn't want the girls to think it was fake. I wanted them to think the victim would be paid very well."This story is good, but you'll have to fill in the blanks. They're going to ask you a lot of questions."

Testimony is set to end either Tuesday or Wednesday, and jury deliberation is expected to start on Wednesday. Trail faces the death penalty if convicted of first degree murder.