It’s considered one of Creighton’s pride and joys…

“In one word, I would describe it as delicious,” says Creighton resident, Mark Homan.

So much so, that there’s even a three-day celebration dedicated to this frozen treat.

A Dr.Pepper and strawberry soda fusion…one bite and you’re practically hooked.

Locals say the frozen treat originated at the local Creighton swimming pool back in the 60’s. In that time, the local concession stand sold drinks that included Dr. Pepper and different flavored pop. The frozen drink came about as the result of lifeguards and kids mixing a combination of different sodas.

And you can’t help but wonder, what makes this stuff so popular that despite the cold and rain, people are willing to buy not just one, but even boxes of this frozen treat.

“They’re amazing…they taste great,” says one local Creighton resident. 

Eat it with a spoon and the locals will be sure to let you know that you’re doing it all wrong.

The proper way to eat a BerryPepper is to first warm it up. After warming it up, you squeeze the frozen treat out of the cup. Then, you invert it and enjoy.