NORFOLK - After three and a half hours of discussion the Madison County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the permit for expansion of a feedlot south of Norfolk. A feedlot that has already been cleared to feed 999 head of cattle will now be expanded to feed 4,999 cattle by the Sundermans; a family that is not new to Norfolk, and has a deep history in farming.

Sunderman feedlot President Steve Sunderman says they "First bought the farm in 1976 in our current location, and I'm actually the fifth generation to be in Nebraska Farming and Feeding cattle"

The measure did not pass easily, many residents from nearby communities voiced their concerns with the expansion - citing odor, flies, and dust as some potential issues. Although the Sundermans disagree with most of the arguments against them, they see where their neighbors are coming from.

"Being in the country you are going to have odors, smells, and flies. We realize it is our responsibility to try to limit that… and do the best we can to be good neighbors"

So now that the permit has passed at the county level, the expansion project needs to pass the tests of bigger agencies.

"From here on out we are going to apply to state and federal regulation agencies…"

Even with the project passing the first major hurdle, the Sundermans are anticipating a long road in front of them.