WAYNE, Neb. - The remnants of Hurricane Ida not only affecting people down south, but also Nebraskans.

Two football players at Wayne State College are from Louisiana.

"Hearing about Ida was like I hope we don't have to back-track anymore," said Jadon Johnson, WSC freshman.

Johnson is from southwest Louisiana.

"Backtrack to last year, Hurricane Laura and Delta hit," said Johnson. "

The two storms took a piece of his childhood away.

"My parent's house was...actually, they had to gut out the whole house and we're still in the rebuilding stage," said Johnson. 

Johnson's family stayed in a hotel for a month, then moved in with his grandma while their home was in the process of being rebuilt. All this was happening while he was in Wayne.

"It just made me worry a little bit, but I knew it was in God's hands so it helped me get through," said Johnson.

His fellow teammate is familiar with that same feeling.

"I really wish I could've been home just to know everybody's okay," said Kevin Ransom, a Wildcat senior. 

Ransom is from Port Allen, just two hours east of Johnson.

"A lot of people evacuated, my family wasn't able to evacuate," said Ransom. "But they were okay, lights were off for a couple of days."

Athletes taking issues by the horns on the field found it hard to grasp the inevitable.

"It sucks," said Ransom. "There's nothing you can do about it. It's a lot of wind and water coming through and it's going to do damage regardless."

Being hundreds of miles away from home while the devastation took its course, the athletes said they were able to cope with support.

"Just got to keep praying," said Johnson.

"My family reached out to me before the game," said Ransom. "They knew I was worried, but they told me to just focus on the game."

They say the long-distance support from their families helped them focus on the season ahead.

"Sometimes we as parents, fans, coaches make such a big deal about the game that you forget about the people that are in the game and that's, to me, what you should focus on," said WSC head football coach John McMenamin.