BEATRICE – Beatrice Public Schools plans to implement the district’s own health education standards, as the Nebraska Department of Education considers a second draft of health education standards.

The State Board of Education consideration of new health standards related to sex education has drawn considerable opposition in Nebraska, including objections from Governor Pete Ricketts.

Beatrice Public Schools Superintendent Jason Alexander says the district has received a letter from Nebraska Education Commissioner Matt Blomstedt, that indicates the department and state board are now taking a second look.

Alexander read from a Blomstedt statement that the proposed standards have escalated concerns across Nebraska, and that the Department and State Board will consider a second draft of the health standards before August...aimed at allowing parental input at the local level.

The letter from the Beatrice District 15 to the Nebraska Department of Education will be sent Tuesday. Alexander said the district is in the process of creating its own health education standards.  "Our plan obviously is to look at the second draft, because we know we don't agree with the first draft. Then continue the process of working with some other area schools to come up with a set of standards that everyone here can agree with.....share them with the public...and come to a place where we are all comfortable."

The district’s letter details proposed state standards District 15 officials disagree with.