A Kansas hospital was recently recognized as one of the nation's best. 

Community Memorial Healthcare in Marysville was recognized for its efforts by being named a Top-20 facility for Critical Access by the National Rural Health Association. Hospitals were selected from the Charles Center for Rural Health's 2021 CAH Top-100 which were released earlier this year. Hospitals were selected based off eight certain criteria areas of strength: 1 - inpatient market share, 2 - outpatient market share, 3 - quality, 4 - patient outcomes, 5 - patient perspective, 6 - cost, 7 -charge, and 8 - financial efficiency.  

The 25-bed CAH facility is run by Curtis Hawkinson the hospital chief executive officer. 

"CMH is proud of the efforts of our staff and physicians whose hard work, care, and compassion contributed contributed to our hospital achieving this designation," Hawkinson said. "This recognition proves just how much our community can count on us to deliver the quality care and services they need now, and in the future."