ABC(LOS ANGELES) -- Actress Anne Hathaway revealed earlier this week that she found out she was pregnant shortly before filming for The Witches got underway.  Now, she's opening up about how she kept her pregnancy a secret from most of the cast and crew.

After finding out she was pregnant with her and husband Adam Shulman's second child, a son named Jack, Hathaway told Entertainment Tonight, "I didn't really tell anybody that I was pregnant because I was still in my first trimester."

"Then, when I went into my second trimester during filming, I only told a couple people. But the costume still fit so I didn't feel the need to tell anybody," the Academy Award-winning actress continued.

Although, Hathaway admitted she had to really flex her lying muscles when outfoxing the movie's costume designer, Joanna Johnston.  

When discussing a particular scene where Hathaway's silhouette is only shown, Johnson suggested that she wear a corset "so you have a wasp waist."

Of course, that didn't fly with the 37-year-old actress, who immediately pushed back and was forced to give an elaborate excuse. 

"I couldn't say, 'Because I'm five weeks pregnant,'" Hathaway laughed, saying she settled on the lie that she needed looser fitting clothes for the number. "I go, 'I just know myself as a performer and I'm just gonna feel really constrained. I'm gonna feel really constrained and I just, I'm gonna be funnier if I don't have something.'"

Johnson believed her and "didn't ask questions" even though the actress fully admits she spoon-fed the costume designer a bunch of "BS."

The jig was up when filming eventually wrapped because, by then, "I was 16 weeks pregnant and she got it."

The Witches is available now for streaming on HBO Max.

By Megan Stone
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