NORFOLK -- Nebraska businesses will soon find some extra room to stretch their legs in town, as a project about 3 years in the making finally breaks its ground.

“And three years later, and lots of partnerships and planning and cajoling, here we are - sort of - at the aptly named Bradford Business Park,” said Norfolk Mayor Josh Moenning.

140 acres of shovel-ready land is being prepared at the intersection of South 37th Street and West Omaha Avenue.

The Bradford Business Park has been a cooperative effort between the Greater Norfolk Economic Development Foundation and civic community leaders.

Not the least of whom is Jim Bradford, who sold those 140 acres at a rate that the mayor says wasn’t quite charity but was pretty close.

“The Bradford Family’s been instrumental in making this happen,” said Russ Wilcox, chair for the Greater Norfolk Economic Development Fund. “We originally had this idea. Jim was one of the first to say ‘hey, you know what, maybe there is a way to get from point A to point B’, and was just a gift.”

Bradford’s role in the community has given him a storied reputation as a pillar in his community.

And more than just a plaque, Norfolk wants to honor his work by engraving his legacy into the very infrastructure of the town.

“For everything you have done for this community, really we should probably name a block after you,” Wilcox said. “But all you get is a street.”

“I’m not paying you the money, you know!” Bradford said.

“It was only ten bucks! What are you talking about,” Wilcox replied.

Bradford says his parents would certainly have been proud.

“It’s been a good thing. And I’m happy to be involved,” he said.

The plot is still getting ready, but two businesses have already stuck their claim in the dirt.

FieldWise, based out of Ewing, is relocating its headquarters to Norfolk. And Norfolk’s own heartland beverage is expanding into the lot.

The expansion is expected to be great not just for the CEO’s looking to grow their business, but for also further reducing Norfolk unemployment that has already been trickling down.