The Nebraska State Patrol is working with the South Dakota National Guard to make sure a large military vehicle reaches its appropriate destination in South Dakota.

This morning, a trooper was made aware that the vehicle, which is used in engineering operations, was sitting on a parked trailer at the Interstate 80 on-ramp near Overton. The trooper found the vehicle and noticed markings that identified that it belongs to the South Dakota National Guard. NSP has since learned that the trailer was abandoned sometime yesterday by the driver of a trucking company contracted to move the vehicle for the Guard.

The vehicle, which is part of the South Dakota National Guard 211th Engineer Company, had been returning to South Dakota after a training mission in California. NSP is working with the South Dakota National Guard to return the vehicle to South Dakota, as well as locate the driver who abandoned the trailer and military vehicle.


CENTRAL NEBRASKA - An armored vehicle mystery to tell you about...

The Nebraska State Patrol shared this image Thursday morning of what they initially described as a tank left on the side of the Interstate in Central Nebraska.

They updated their post about an hour later saying, "This is a bridge laying vehicle and we know who it belongs to. So, no, you can't claim it, but tanks for trying."

According to NSP, they are now working to make sure it gets where it needs to go.