MALMO - Court documents have shed more light on the case of a Malmo woman who was stabbed to death and discovered dead by her 11-year-old child.

Kolton Barnes, 25, faces charges of first-degree murder and animal cruelty. He is lodged in Saunders County Jail.

Saunders County Sheriff Kevin Stukenholtz said the first 911 call came in around 9:30 Wednesday.

"Then the 11-year-old went back to his residence and discovered that his mom was deceased," he told KETV Newswatch 7.

Investigators believe Barnes stabbed Kayla Matulka, killing her and a dog before leaving the home.

Stunkenholtz said video evidence from a surveillance camera pointed to Barnes as a suspect.

New documents revealed statements Barnes reportedly made to investigators.

Barnes allegedly told investigators, "I wish I could have stopped myself."

He reportedly admitted to deleting a text message he sent to the victim stating, "don't make me kick down the door" after she asked him to leave the house.

Barnes finally said, "All day I thought about why I didn't take myself last night too," the document states.