Courtesy of Collin Raye

'90s hitmaker Collin Raye, who topped the charts with hits such as “Love, Me” and “In This Life,” will headline a free outdoor show in Kaysville, Utah on May 30.

It’ll be the singer’s first in-person performance since the COVID-19 shutdown took effect, and among the first such performances from any artist in the genre. 

Collin’s show will include booths for local businesses who have been forced to close or seen a decline in sales during the pandemic. The singer says he hopes his concert will inspire more artists to return to the road, despite the fact that shut-down orders still largely discourage mass in-person gatherings nationwide. 

"Hopefully, this concert will inspire similar events in other states around the country as we try to unify and start pushing back against the effects of this pandemic," explains Raye. "We will be utilizing the recommended sensible safety precautions, and I'm confident it will be a huge success for small businesses, and hopefully, the country at large."

Kaysville mayor Katie Witt recently re-opened the city, and Collin’s show will take place with her support. Fans are encouraged to wear face masks and stay seven feet apart in order to help keep concert-goers safe from the spread of the virus.

Still, the show will go against orders from the governor of Utah. The state has broken down its return to the “new normal” into color-coded risk phases; Kaysville, which is in Davis County, is currently in the “orange” or “moderate” risk phase. During this phase, state orders cap social gatherings at 20 people, in addition to social distancing practices and mask-wearing. 

Furthermore, those who are over age 65 or have underlying medical issues should continue to quarantine.

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