NORFOLK - Faith Regional in Norfolk is assuring residents of Northeast Nebraska that it is safe to seek treatment at the facility without risking exposure to COVID-19.

Dr. Mark Davis, Faith Regional’s Chief Medical Officer, says Faith is strongly encouraging people to continue with their well visits and chronic care management. Dr. Davis says ignoring symptoms, or trying to "wait out" the virus could prove to be extremely detrimental to health and well being. This goes for non-emergency treatments as well, since Faith Regional has implemented safety measures that ensure patients and staff are kept away from any potential COVID patients. 

The hospital has also resumed elective procedures, following guidelines laid out by Governor Ricketts's office, which Faith says they reassess daily to ensure they continue to meet those guidelines.

Some of the measures put in place to protect patients/staff include:

    • All individuals screened for COVID-19 symptoms, including staff
    • All individuals are encouraged to wear masks upon entering the facility. Masks are provided to those who need one
    • Entire patient care staff wears surgical masks and protective eye wear, along with any other necessary PPE at all times while caring for patients.
    • Continue to restrict entrances into the hospital; 'No visitation' policy is still in place
    • Six-foot distances established in public areas
    • Extra cleaning of high-touch, public areas will continue
    • Infectious patients will be cared for in isolation, away from other non-infectious patients